Commercial Moving

Social Moving Group brings you a variety of specialties when it comes to moving your belongings to your new business location.

Corporation Relocation

As a corporate relocation professional, you depend on timely, accurate information for move management. Whether a single relocation or a group move, the effectiveness of your move management can make the difference in your employee’s well-being and the company’s bottom line.
Because move management is so important to you, it’s important to us. Compare other relocation companies with SMG, and you will find our move management team sees the big picture.


Managing transit is a complex undertaking. But we make it simple for you by adhering to the fundamentals of information and service. For the greatest possible efficiency, count on us for the experts and tools that let you see the “big picture.” Our move management processes allow you to zero in on opportunities to improve the quality, service and value you get from your transportation purchases. We bring you a depth of understanding not found outside the transportation arena.

Detailed Office Relocation

We manage all office relocations whether floor to floor or to another designated location, and our reliable pricing structure keeps our rates well within your budgetary limitations. Our expert relocation consultants pre-plan and coordinate every detail of your business’ move with minimal interference with your day-to-day operations. When the move day arrives we establish a Time and Sequence Schedule which becomes the operational plan for all personnel. This schedule allows you to determine the exact status of the move in conjunction with your business hours. Our supervisory personnel will be on hand at all times to ensure the efficient completion of the relocation.

Where building policy dictate, all elevators and lobby walls, glass doors, floors and corridors will be protected. Our proficient staff will furnish, install and remove all padding and other protective wall and floor materials upon completion of our service. Our company maintains all of the insurance that your building may require so please discuss obtaining a certificate of insurance with your certified relocation consultant. The discussion of security measures will be established at planned meetings. Our crew will physically survey your premises and make recommendations for your own security procedures.

For confidential files and valuable items you may utilize our storage facilities or we will provide security bins and other privacy inclusive materials. Our crew is uniformly dressed during the process to ensure integrity.